Lake Erie

In June 2019, the three men from Stand Up for Great Lakes successfully paddled 80 miles across Lake Erie! We had head winds, rough waves, and dodged toxic algae blooms, all in an effort to raise awareness of Great Lakes environmental issues.

They began Their adventure at Belle Isle State Park, home of the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, traveled down river near some iconic sites such as the Detroit skyline, Ambassordor Bridge and River Rouge. We then made it to the lake and ended at Sandusky, Ohio.

Our window for this 80 mile crossing was June 15- 23rd. It took us roughly 24 hours to complete it.

We are raised over 17,000 dollars for the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research (CIGLR).

CIGLR is a non-profit housed in the University of Michigan. They are doing spectacular work with algal bloom research and their efforts to safeguard the Great Lakes ecosystem. They are experts in Great Lakes issues, and we are thrilled to have them on board our team.

Algal blooms, (also called algae blooms) usually caused by runoff pollution, can impact both marine and human health, and are an annual threat to more than 11 million people through their drinking water and recreational boating, fishing and swimming. The paddleboarders hope to raise $10,000 for CIGLR and their continuing research and protection of Lake Erie.

A Huge thank you to Julie Cortis- Redfield for being an amazing local resource and showing a passion for the Great Lakes. She is unbeleivable!

Captain Chris- Donating his time and boat to help make this adventure a success

Mary Ogdahl- For being our go to person at the CIGLR! You Rock!

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