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It all started as a dream to cross Lake Michigan. Once that mission was completed, we soon realized the impact we could make on not only the Great Lakes but all rivers, lakes and streams. Our goal is to cross each Great Lake by stand up paddle board while raising funds/ awareness for this amazing natural resource.  We also hope to educate, protect and advocate. We are a non profit charity that would love your support.

But why put in all the effort and energy?

It boils down to three reasons.


It begins with a shared love of the water. Water is a substance that makes up two thirds of our bodies, that covers 70 percent of the earth’s surface, and that is vital to our survival. It also happens to create an epic playground.

We are surfers, paddlers, kayakers, fisherman, and sailors. We love our lakes – the great ones and the small ones – and the opportunity to make such a significant journey across one of them thrills us.


Making a difference with such a vast natural resource seems like an enormous task. We believe that numerous little actions equal big results. Also, crossing such a vast stretch of open water is no simple matter. Whether sailing, kiting, or kayaking, it is a voyage to be treated with respect.

On a SUP it is even harder. Almost every muscle is engaged: the feet, legs, and core for balance; the back and arms for power. Put simply this is the challenge of a lifetime, both physically and mentally.


The lakes are under threat. Oil pipelines of questionable integrity, invasive species, sewage leakage, pharmaceutical pollution, agricultural runoff, and those people who think it’s okay to throw beer cans and cigarette butts wherever they please, the list of threats to these majestic and vital bodies of water is endless.

So we’re attempting to put our efforts to good use. We’ll be raising money  to help advocate and educate. We’d love it if you could donate to our cause!

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