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It all started as a dream to cross Lake Michigan. Once that mission was completed, we soon realized the impact we could make on not only the Great Lakes but all rivers, lakes and streams. Our goal is to cross each Great Lake by stand up paddle board while raising funds/ awareness for this amazing natural resource.  We also hope to educate, protect and advocate. We are a non profit charity that would love your support.

But why put in all the effort and energy?

It boils down to three reasons.


The Great Lakes are the


collection of fresh water in the world.

Help Keep the Great Lakes Awesome

Paddling Across

Lake Ontario

Our capstone Lake is being planned right now for June 2020. We are seeking safety boats to help us on our mission.

The only information we are releasing is that we are starting in the city of Toronto!

Paddling Across

Lake Erie

In June 2019, the three men from Stand Up for Great Lakes successfully paddled 80 miles across Lake Erie! We had head winds, rough waves, and dodged toxic algae blooms, all in an effort to raise awareness of Great Lakes environmental issues.

They began Their adventure at Belle Isle State Park, home of the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, traveled down river near some iconic sites such as the Detroit skyline, Ambassordor Bridge and River Rouge. We then made it to the lake and ended at Sandusky, Ohio.

Our window for this 80 mile crossing was June 15- 23rd. It took us roughly 24 hours to complete it.

We are raised over 17,000 dollars for the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research (CIGLR).

CIGLR is a non-profit housed in the University of Michigan. They are doing spectacular work with algal bloom research and their efforts to safeguard the Great Lakes ecosystem. They are experts in Great Lakes issues, and we are thrilled to have them on board our team.

Algal blooms, (also called algae blooms) usually caused by runoff pollution, can impact both marine and human health, and are an annual threat to more than 11 million people through their drinking water and recreational boating, fishing and swimming. The paddleboarders hope to raise $10,000 for CIGLR and their continuing research and protection of Lake Erie.

A Huge thank you to Julie Cortis- Redfield for being an amazing local resource and showing a passion for the Great Lakes. She is unbeleivable!

Captain Chris- Donating his time and boat to help make this adventure a success

Mary Ogdahl- For being our go to person at the CIGLR! You Rock!

Restoring and Bringing Balance

Cooperative Institute for Great Lake Research

Paddling Across

Lake Superior

We crossed Lake SUPERIOR!!!!! Starting at Sinclair Cove, Ontario and ending at Whitefish Point, Michigan. We made the 60 mile crossing in just under 22 hours!

We started at the century old cliff paintings, crossed over the Edmund Fitzgerald and ended at the gorgeous Lighthouse at Whitefish. We could not have asked for better weather on this crossing.

Over the Edmund, we were able to place a wreath of carnations and do a special ceremony. Our documentary will be coming out in November!

The first French explorers approaching the great inland sea by way of the Ottawa River and Lake Huron referred to their discovery as le lac superieur. Properly translated, the expression means “Upper Lake,” that is, the lake above Lake Huron. Kitchi-gummi, a Chippewa Indian translation, signifies Great-water or Great-lake. A Jesuit name, Lac Tracy, was never officially adopted.

With your help, we can make a huge difference in preserving this amazing natural resource that we call home!!! All money raised will be donated to the The Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society to help with their on-going underwater research. They operate the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point, and the Historic Weather Bureau Building in Sault Saint Marie, Michigan.

The society for was founded in 1978 by a group of divers, teachers, and educators to commence exploration of historic shipwrecks in eastern Lake Superior

Watch our documentary here!


Donate here for funds to go directly to The Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society



Explore and Protect

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society

Paddled Across

Lake Huron

In June of 2017 we crossed Lake HURON! It was a 90-mile paddle across the second largest Great Lake. It took us over 28 hours to complete and we raised over seven thousand dollars to the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, headquartered in Alpena, Michigan,

Lake Huron’s cold, fresh water preserves many of these shipwrecks intact and in water depths ranging from a few inches to over 200 feet, making the sanctuary a popular tourist destination for divers, snorkelers and paddlers.

Check out our documentary here!

Help Preserve

Our Shipwrecks

Paddling Across

Lake Michigan

In 2015 the dream of crossing Lake Michigan was accomplished. We were able to make the 60 mile, open water crossing in just under 25 hours.

It was brutally cold sitting at 38 degree water and an air temp of 41. We had some of the most amazing stars and northern lights.

The journey Started at Algoma, Wisconsin and ended at Frankfort Michigan. Along for the journey were friends, Nick Darga, and J Mueller from Traverse City!

We were able to raise over 10,000 dollars in support of Alliance for the the Great Lakes



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Chain of Lakes Paddle Announced!

On August 1st 2020, we will be paddling the Chain of Lakes! The Chain of Lakes Water Trail, in northwest Michigan, is a 99+ mile inland water trail made up of 16 interconnected lakes and rivers which flow into the East Grand Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan We will be paddling roughly 50 miles of […]

We successfully crossed ERIE!!

In June 2019, the three men from Stand Up for Great Lakes successfully paddled 80 miles across Lake Erie! We had head winds, rough waves, and dodged toxic algae blooms, all in an effort to raise awareness of Great Lakes environmental issues. They began Their adventure at Belle Isle State Park, home of the Dossin […]

80 Mile Lake Erie Crossing Draws Near!

Group plans fundraising $10,000 for the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research Detroit, MI– This June three men, Joe Lorenz, Kwin Morris and Jeff Guy, plan to paddleboard across Lake Erie, traversing international waters, rough waves, and dodging toxic algae blooms, all in an effort to raise awareness of Great Lakes environmental issues. They’ll begin […]

Beach Clean-up a Success!

We have something really special and we need to take care of it,” says Sophia Christian, an 8th grader at Cherryland Middle School in Elk Rapids.  Today students around the world and here in Northern Michigan are learning about the importance of Earth Day. Some stay inside and discuss what’s going on in the world […]


lk Rapids, MI- On April 27, two 8th grade girls, Sophia Christian and Paige Peters from Cherryland Middle school, plan to stand-up paddleboard the treacherous Straits of Mackinac. They chose this path because of the big waves, powerful currents and because it is one of the most iconic areas in Michigan. (Paige in red, Sophia in blue>>) They plan on paddling the five miles […]

Lake Superior Crossing Complete

Traverse City – Three Michigan men have completed a daunting journey across Lake Superior by paddleboard. Joe Lorenz, Kwin Morris and Jeff Guy set off Tuesday from Sinclair Cove in Canada and arrived at Whitefish Point in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on Wednesday morning. The 60-mile paddleboard trip is part of a goal to fundraise $20,000 […]

Superior Paddle!!!

Three Stand-up Guys to Cross Lake Superior on Paddle Boards Group plans to raise more than $10,000 for the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society Traverse City, MI — This July three men, Joe Lorenz, Kwin Morris and Jeff Guy, will attempt something that has never been done—to paddleboard across Lake Superior, the largest, coldest, and […]

December Newsletter is Here!!!

Thank you everyone for your patients on the release of our SUFGL newsletter! Between planning our next lake crossing across Lake Superior, and doing speeches at local Elementary and Middle Schools, we have been pretty busy! Here is our newsletter, and we hope you enjoy it! Please consider joining our team by donating today! PS. […]

Lake Huron Crossing Complete!

After two years of planning and a 90-mile journey across Lake Huron, we can finally say we did it! Paddlers on the trip were Joe Lorenz, Kwin Morris, and Jeff Guy. The trip started at the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Alpena, Michigan and ended in Tobermory, Ontario at the Fathom Five National Park. […]

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Cleaning our

Lakes and Beaches

We love our lakes and keeping them prestige. Thats why part of our mission is cleaning up the beaches we love so much.

Earth Day clean up with students- On earth day each year we take 120 students to a local beach to pull invasive species and clean up garbage off the beach.

Torch Lakes clean- up Its out effort to take garbage and trash out of one of our favorite lakes after the 4th of July festivities.

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We love inspiring our next generation. Here are a few paddles we have done with students!